PMDD. Know what it is.

Some women describe the time before their periods as a roller coaster of emotions. Others feel like they become somebody else. And for millions, these symptoms actually significantly interfere with their daily activities.

Sound like PMS? Well, what you think is PMS may be a condition healthcare professionals call PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), a more severe group of symptoms that occur one to two weeks before a woman's period. Every day, women are fighting the symptoms of PMDD that significantly interfere with their daily activities and personal lives.

Women who have PMDD experience a combination of emotional and physical symptoms that are severe enough to significantly interfere with how they function at school, work or in their personal relationships. These symptoms occur during the 14 days before a woman's period.

Think you may have PMDD? To help determine if you do, your healthcare professional will want to know:

  • What emotional and physical symptoms do you experience each month?
  • When during the month do your symptoms occur? Is it during the 1st or 2nd weeks before your period?
  • Do these symptoms significantly interfere with your daily activities or relationships?

PMDD is measured by how severe your emotional and physical symptoms are and how significantly they interfere with your relationships and daily activities.

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