Let's talk symptoms

What sets PMDD apart is that some of your symptoms, especially your emotional symptoms, are so severe that they significantly interfere with the way you live your life just before your period. These symptoms can make it difficult to focus, slow you down at work or affect your personal relationships.

The list of symptoms on this page is not here for you to diagnosis yourself, but rather to find out if your symptoms are among those associated with PMDD. We're all different, and how one woman experiences symptoms of PMDD is not the same as another. The important thing to remember is that now, you and your healthcare professional can help fight the symptoms that significantly interfere with work, school or your personal relationships.

These symptoms can affect women who have PMS or PMDD. They are considered symptoms of PMDD only if they are severe enough to significantly interfere with your daily life, in the 1-2 weeks before your period.

Emotional symptoms:

Feeling sad or depressed
A sense of hopelessness
Feeling worthless/guilty
Feeling anxious/tense
Mood swings
Feeling overwhelmed/out of control
Feeling sensitive
Having conflicts
A diminished interest in activities
Difficulty concentrating

Physical symptoms:

Increased appetite
Food cravings
Sleeping more
Trouble sleeping
Breast tenderness
Breast swelling
Muscle aches

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